Yes, it’s been an extremely long time since my last post. Embarrasingly long. Almost four-and-a-half years to be precise.

A lot has happened since then, most of which isn’t very interesting, apart from a few notable exceptions:

  • I now have two children! A son and a daughter, named Bram and Eva
  • I became CTO at Ibuildings in October 2010
  • The book I wrote about Zend Framework was published in early 2010. It is mostly obsolete by now, since it deals with Zend Framework 1. For the curious: you can check it out at the Dutch Amazon

After this long absence, it was high time I upgraded to a new blogging platform and layout too. I moved to Jekyll. Loving it so far.

So what now? I will try to write some posts every now and then, mostly about stuff I encounter at work. I will start with two new posts today.